Raised Garden Beds and Planters in Perth

A well-maintained garden adds value to a property and brings joy to the residents. To keep your garden in pristine condition, don’t wait around for spring inspiration. Start putting the hard work and supplies into action now.

If you’re looking to grow a combination of plants and vegetables, you will need high-quality raised garden beds to ensure your greens grow to their potential.

High-quality raised garden beds kept in a lawn

Why a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed?

Not all gardens have the right soil and drainage for growing vegetables. Whether you’re looking to create a small flower patch or a veggie garden, a raised garden bed removes the variables, can be built on almost any surface and takes up minimal space.

Our planters can be used all year because they are made from extremely durable corrugated iron. Perth residents needing customisable gardening options should contact Rainfill Tanks for a range of garden products.

With careful spacing, these planters can suppress weed growth and allow for extended planting seasons. The raised beds also allow gardeners to use richer soil if their native soil is insufficient in nutrients.

Our planters are:

  • perfect for customising your garden
  • versatile in any area
  • great for a “no-dig” garden
  • applicable for lawns, sand or existing gardens
  • quick and easy to move
  • stylish and durable
  • safe with no sharp edges
  • pet proof
  • pest reducing
Plants in green oblong raised garden beds
Oblong Raised Garden Bed – 800x3000x800 Cottage Green

Australian-Made Garden Supplies

We manufacture a range of stylish planters and garden beds right here in Perth. Our dedication to customer service means we create customisable products from curving-grade corrugated iron, according to your specific measurements.

Available in Zincalume steel or a full range of Colorbond colours, our range includes numerous makes and models for you to choose from. You have the choice of 20 different colours to best match your outdoor design.

Products Designed for Australian Conditions

Our high-quality products are built from strong steel to ensure they can withstand the harsh heat of Western Australia. Our corrugated iron garden beds contain no chemicals and are lightweight and affordable.

Close Up image of blue colour oval raised garden beds

Sizing, Colours and Prices

Round raised garden bed:

  • Diameters of 965mm to 3450mm
  • Height of 400mm or 800mm

Purchase factory direct from $116.00*

Oblong raised garden bed:

  • Width of 610mm to 1500mm
  • Length of 1170mm to 3000mm
  • Height of 400mm to 800mm

Purchase factory direct from $116.00*

Rectangle raised garden bed:

  • Width of 1000mm to 1500mm
  • Length of 1000mm to 3000mm
  • Height of 400mm to 800mm

Purchase factory direct from $139.00*

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Contact Rainfill Tanks for Easy-To-Use Garden Beds

Our planters can be delivered to anywhere in Perth. There is no assembly required and they come with a limited structural warranty. Design your dream garden today by calling (08) 9302 1159 or contacting us online.