Rainwater Tank Accessories

Our team can help you find the right water tank accessories to ensure your home is receiving clean water with excellent pressure. Rainfill Tanks has carefully selected our rainwater tank accessories to bring you a range of high-quality equipment that will improve your experience with harvesting rainwater. Choose the right accessories for your needs, and get in touch with us about water tank installation and maintenance.

High-quality water pump connected to a yellow colour tank in backyard

Water Filters

Rainwater collects a considerable amount of pollutants from your roof and your gutters before it reaches your tank. For higher quality and usability of your water, it’s important to pair your tank with a purifying water filter. We offer several options in water filters to meet your precise needs, so get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the right equipment.

Water Pumps

High-quality water pumps allow you to maximise the use of the rain collected in your tank. Let our team help you decide between automatic, electric or manual systems in differing degrees of difficulty. Depending on what you typically use your harvested water for, Rainfill Tanks has a water pump that will meet your needs.

Davey Pumps

Rainfill Tanks is proud to supply an excellent range of Davey Water Pumps that allow you to make the most of the water you’ve collected. Davey pumps are versatile, durable and extremely efficient. Browse the range and let us know if you have any questions about our products!

Contact Rainfill Tanks

For more information on water filters, tanks and pumps, contact Rainfill Tanks on (08) 9302 1159 or send us a message online. We happily serve customers in Perth, Rockingham, and throughout Western Australia.